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A few hours in, and I already don't like Fantasy Football

So I joined Hack's fantasy league, and tonight was an inauspicious start for the Homewood Belligerents. Internet issues kept me from getting online until roughly a half an hour after the draft was over, so the picks were made for me by the ESPN software (I assume). Since Pittsburgh wasn't terribly good last season, I didn't follow the pros all that closely last year (and, to be honest, don't follow them all that closely when the Steelers are playing well), so I'm not entirely certain if my picks are good ones or not. Plus, this is my first foray into Fantasy Football, so even if I had made my own picks I'd have probably been basing them on what I remember of the players from their college days with no clue as to their performance in the pros. So here's the team, and hopefully some of our more NFL-minded readers (and our NFL covering SBN colleagues) can give me some insight into this roster:


Slot Player Team Position
QB Marc Bulger St. Louis QB
RB Joseph Addai Indianapolis RB
RB Rudi Johnson Cincinnati RB
RB/WR Deuce McAllister New Orleans RB
WR Roy Williams Detroit WR
WR Hines Ward Pittsburgh WR
TE Todd Heap Baltimore TE
D/ST Dolphins D/ST Miami D/ST
K Nate Kaeding San Diego K
P Jason Baker Carolina P

Slot Player Team Position
Bench Thomas Jones New York Jets RB
Bench Jerious Norwood Atlanta RB
Bench DeAngelo Williams Carolina RB
Bench Chris Chambers Miami WR
Bench Donte' Stallworth New England WR
Bench Vincent Jackson San Diego WR
Bench LenDale White Tennessee RB

Things I do know:

* There's a lot of SEC players on this team (Addai-LSU, Johnson-Auburn, McAllister-Ole Miss, Ward-UGA, and Norwood-Mississippi State), which would probably have been the case if I had picked them myself.

* Miami's defense?! Even I know that's an old unit that got older with the addition of Joey Porter, and there's not a lot of good depth either.

* Bulger was better last year, right? Please say I'm not imagining that.

So there you have it, the inaugural edition of the Homewood Belligerents. Am I screwed or what?