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Simeon Castille Arrested UPDATED

Update [2007-8-19 16:3:16 by Nico]:

(link fixed) WTF?

Alabama cornerback Simeon Castille, a first-team All-SEC selection in 2006 and a 2007 preseason all-conference pick, was arrested by the Tuscaloosa Police Department early Sunday morning, BOL has learned.

"At approximately two a.m. this morning, officers arrested Simeon Castille for disorderly conduct, a class C misdemeanor, at the 1300 block of University Boulevard," Tuscaloosa Police Department public information officer Capt. Greg Kosloff told BOL Sunday morning. "He bonded out on a five hundred dollar bond. The case will be turned over to the municipal court and the case continues under investigation."

According to Tuscaloosa County Jail officer S. Spencer, Castille was released just after 4 a.m.

Update [2007-8-19 23:28:13 by Todd]:

The message board rumors are out, and the general consensus is Castille was horsing around with some other players and that's what got him the disorderly conduct charge.

Via Hack:

SC and an offensive lineman were horseplaying outside the door of a club and a Tusc. police officer stepped in and placed him in a prone position. SC tried to tell the cop that they were only playing but he took him in anyway. Anybody else read this or heard anything different? I’m really hoping that this is the jest of it.

And from the TideSports forums, via alextuscaloosa:

I trust this information more than what I read on other forums and see no reason not to post it to calm everyone down. This is from someone who was right there, not a block away, not inside the club while this happened outside and not from someone who had just left but someone "right there".

Simeon and Rashad were at a club with their girlfriends. As they were all leaving Simeon and Rashad were wrestling with and trying to pull BJ and Caldwell out of a car. Simeon was pretty loud and two cops came running up and grabbed him. They cuffed him and pulled his wallet out and while Simeon was trying to tell them he was only playing. The cop with the wallet looked at the other cop and said sarcastically "should we call the coach"? The informant said the other cop stated "nah, let him find out through the newspaper." They arrested him for disorderly conduct. None of the other players or girlfriends, who were all black, wanted to talk to the cops, both white, for fear of being arrested too. So Simeon was carried off to jail and held for about four hours.

I'm sure I'll be labeled a "Bammer Apologist Kool Aid Drinker" for this, but until more details come out proving otherwise I'm pretty inclined to believe something along those lines is what went down. Castille had some academic problems early on (he sat out the Cotton Bowl for them), and he was one of the, shall we say less disciplined, players seen openly questioning the coaching decisions last season on the sidelines, but he's never been a "trouble maker" and Coach Saban put enough stock in his character and leadership to make him one of the members of the peer intervention group. Couple that with the fact "misdemeanor disorderly conduct" is the sort of bullshit charge that anyone in a college town on a Saturday night could pick up (especially a college town like Tuscaloosa that, for good or ill, is trying to "clean up" the strip and make the place as orderly and boring safe for the well heeled alumns that are dropping idiot amounts of money on condos), and it just makes me think Castille was more a victim of bad luck than doing anything bad.

Update [2007-8-20 16:32:39 by Todd]:

Jeremiah Castille has commented on his son's arrest:

The father of star Alabama cornerback Simeon Castille said Monday his son's arrest on a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct over the weekend was not warranted, and he was working to get the case dismissed.

But, speaking in an interview with The Birmingham News, Jeremiah Castille also said his son should not have put himself in a position to be arrested at 2 a.m. Sunday on "The Strip," a row of bars, restaurants and other businesses popular with University of Alabama students.

"He knows how I've instructed him on where he needs to be at that time of the morning," Castille said. "You need to be at home. Being at that place at that time of morning is not where you need to be."

(h/t Tide Druid)