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Tide Fans Heart Baton Rouge and a New Poll

The latest poll has been up for awhile, and it looks like you guys are big fans of trips to Baton Rouge, with Athens and Oxford duking it out for the second favorite SEC road trip. I was a little surprised by this. Nico raved about his trip to Tiger Stadium last season, but I've always heard horror stories about the less than courteous treatment of opposing fans. I guess when LSU wins, though, it's a lot easier to be nice to the enemy. Anyway, I voted for Nasvhille, but then again Vanderbilt is the only Alabama road game I've attended, so what do I know?

Down Highway 10 past Lafayette/to Baton Rouge and I won't forget/to send you a card with my regrets/cause I'm never gonna come back home

The new poll concerns the upcoming season, and who y'all think will win this conference. Since we can only put in ten choices, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vandy, and Kentucky will be represented by the flute "Bottom Dwelling East/West Team."