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Monday Links and Such

Oh Please No:

Alabama senior place-kicker Jamie Christensen missed Saturday's scrimmage with a strained quadriceps muscle that could limit his availability heading into the regular season.

"I think he'll be OK," said Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban, who was quick to add, "Leigh Tiffin has done a really good job this entire camp."

Christensen has been the anticipated starter since connecting on 13-of-17 field goals last season. He missed three of the four games due to a groin injury and was replaced by Tiffin, a sophomore whose 8-of-13 mark included three memorable misses in an overtime defeat at Arkansas.

Dear God,
Please let Jamie be okay by the Arkansas game.

The Georgia Sports Blog is giddy over the recent arrests of four Tide players since Coach Saban allegedly ribbed Coach Richt about seeing some UGA players in an Athens bar after a recent spate of alcohol related troubles for the Georgia football team. He also labels me a Bammer Apologist Kool Aid Drinker, so I guess that was kind of a self fullfilling prophecy.

The Red State Diaries e-mailed us about this last night, but Orson has beaten us to the punch (curse you, you jort wearing punch beater!) with it so just go read his humorous take on Coach Saban's snack food of choice and the mooning of his players.

In basketball related news, Ronald Steele's progress after an April surgery to repair torn cartilage in both knees is coming along slowly. Doctors have assured him he'll be ready to go by the regular season, so fingers crossed.

Check it out, there are guys out there paying to look like me.

Don't be fooled, ladies, only accept the kind of God given sexy you see above.