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Simeon Castille's Arrest Report: UPDATED

[editor's note, by Nico]:

Todd got this right when he was leaving work and posted it. After looking at it more closely, this is more than likely a fake since the timestamps don't match the date and time of the actual incident, but we're going to leave it here for your perusal anyway.


One of our reader's just e-mailed us a link to a copy of Castille's arrest report. It's a 292kb pdf file, otherwise I'd post the text right now. I'll try and get a transcript up of it when I get home, though I'm sure I won't have internet 'til much later tonight, thank you so very much Charter Communications. I just read through it and it sounds like what happened is pretty much what everyone was saying. Castille and his teammates were horsing around, acting like college kids on University and holding up traffic and when the cops showed up he was calm, polite, and cooperative. From the police report, it certainly sounds like the officer had grounds to intervene, but once he found out it was nothing more than a bunch of friends messing with each other there was no need to take Castille in. Anyway, go read it for yourself.

Update [2007-8-21 22:33:29 by Todd]:

I'm afraid I got snookered on this one, kids. I got the e-mail right before I was leaving work and, feeling fairly certain that I wouldn't have internet when I got home (which I didn't, and still don't, and once again find myself at the office with my idiot slow computer taking three times as long to get anything done that it would at home), decided to post it without doing any real research into whether it was authentic or not. As both clay2227 and Nico point out, the time stamp on the fax doesn't match, and I'm pretty sure the folks at WBRC know how to set the date on their fax machine (sorry StuBone). In my haste to get up what appeared to be a good post, I neglected to check my facts and wound up being like the idiots who keep me from frequenting a lot of message boards, and for that I apologize.

That's the last time I let Dan Rather verify a document's authenticity for me...

Update [2007-8-22 0:14:46 by Todd]:

Well, StuBone provides us with a link to the WBRC website where the alleged arrest report apparently originated. I'm still a little in doubt as to it's authenticity since none of the other local stations (ABC, NBC, CBS) have anything to say about it and a Google News search only brings up the post you are currently reading. If it was "released" by the police as the WBRC site says, then I would think all of the other stations would have gotten a copy as well, though it is possible someone leaked it exclusively to WBRC. Anyway, it still seems fishy, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Update [2007-8-22 8:58:32 by Todd]:

The Mobile Press-Register looks like they are getting details from that report:

Mitchell said the SUV turned onto 13th Avenue when he approached. Castille allegedly gave chase and "continued shouting, cussing and challenging the passengers to fight him." Mitchell reported that he caught up with Castille, grabbed him by his arm and placed him against the wall of the Crimson Café coffee house.

"The suspect moved with ease as I had taken him by surprise and he was unsure how to react," Mitchell wrote. "Once against the wall he wanted to shout at me that he wasn't doing anything but calmed down after a few seconds."