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Upchurch and Fanney Plead Not Guilty

Both Roy Upchurch and Brandon Fanney pleaded not guilty to the charges that landed them in jail last month. The Mobile Press-Register has details of the arrest report, and it doesn't sound good for them:

Meanwhile, new details emerged Wednesday regarding the July 14 disturbance that led to the arrest of Fanney, Upchurch and defensive end Brandon Deaderick. Like Castille on Sunday morning, last month's incident occurred on "The Strip," an area of shops, bars and nightspots on University Boulevard near campus.

The July 14 incident allegedly began when players grew angry over being denied entry into The Legacy due to the club's dress code. Police said they refused to leave the area, prompting "an unwanted guest" call to police.

According to the report filed by University of Alabama Police, Upchurch became agitated during the dispute and yelled repeated obscenities. He was subjected to pepper spray and "became verbally abusive toward (the) officer."

According to UAPD, when officers told Upchurch that his coach could be called if he didn't start cooperating, he replied, "F--- him and f--- y'all," the report stated. After another warning from police, Upchurch allegedly said that "UAPD officers don't mean s--- to him."

Upchurch's disorderly conduct charge was due to "engaging in fighting or in violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior." The charge against Fanney was for "congregating with Deaderick in a public place and refusing to comply with a lawful order to disburse."

A deposition said Fanney "continued to trouble the employees" of The Legacy and was arrested while trying to assist Deaderick, who was also being apprehended. Fanney allegedly "screamed at police and refused to cooperate."

Now that, my friends, is disorderly conduct, and it makes the Castille arrest seem even stupider.