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Advice For Les Miles

I was browsing Best of the SEC Blogs recently, and came across some advice an LSU blogger gave to Les Miles. And I quote:

"Letter to Louisiana State Coach Les Miles: Coach, shut up. This is not Oklahoma State. You ain't a Cowboy. Stop calling out Saban, and Alabama for that matter. Stop pissing on USC (We barely beat Arizona State a few years back, while USC SHUT OUT Auburn 2 years ago, and has dismantled Arkansas each of the past two years). LSU has never had a motor mouth coach such as you, I know I'm a hometown fan. We all remember a time when we were owned by Alabama. It wasn't that long ago. Sure, we've got the best defensive line in the nation (DT Glenn Dorsey, DE Tyson Jackson) and All-American speed across the board. I know, I know, the schedule is sweet (Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Florida, Auburn and Arkansas all at Death Valley). But that lone road trap? It's Nov. 3 at Alabama. Chill out on the yappin, bro. Just play ball. We still haven't forgotten that timeout you tried to take late in the game against Tennessee two years ago, and how that stopped us from playing for the national title (LSU was up 3 touchdowns and lost). So, from here on out, just play, bro. Just play, bro. Just play."

I don't know where he gets the idea that LSU would have been in the national championship game in 2005 if not for the loss to Tennessee -- they still lost to Georgia, and Texas and USC were number one and number two from wire-to-wire as undefeated teams.

That minor snafu notwithstanding, all told not bad advice for the man under the big hat.