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Looks Like I'm Getting Under Some Razorback Skin

From The Hog Source:

Todd..when was the last time your beloved `Bama smelled Atlanta? With the exception of laying down to Georgia in 2003, you guys havent been to the SEC Championship game since 1999. We've been there twice since then. Oh, and what were you guys ranked preseason?? Please dont let our offseason fool you (I know `Bama Fans are a little slower than most other SEC Fans), we have the front runner for Heisman, the best backfield in the country, and many other threats. When December 1st rolls around, just make sure your boys have comfortable seats to watch the `backs win the SEC championship.

That was, of course, in response to my preview of Arkansas last week.

While those are perfectly valid points, I'm a little confused. Laying down for Georgia in 2003? 2003 was the first year of the Mike Shula expirement, and we certainly didn't sniff Atlanta that year. Maybe they are thinking of 2002, when our friends to the northwest played for the SEC Title courtesy of the Tide being on probation and unable to play for the title despite winning the west (and beating Arkansas 30-12, by the way), while the undeserving Hogs backed into the title game and were soundly thrashed by Georgia to the tune of 30-3. Is that what they were thinking of?

As for the rest of it, well, I stand by my assessment. Preseason rankings usually don't amount to much (ask the '05 UT squad or the 2000 Tide how well a #3 ranking worked out for them), McFadden is undoubtedly the best back in the country but even he can be slowed down (by the likes of Mississippi State, no less), and your passing game will be right back to woefully negligent without Malzahn and Mustain. As for the offseason turmoils, well, we know a little bit about that...

Offseason troubles, a program in turmoil, fan and booster meddling, player defections? Yeah, that always ends well!