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w00t int3rn3ts?

So Charter came out and replaced my modem yesterday afternoon, and as best I can tell my long, national nightmare is finally over. I had internet access all night last night, and it seemed to be running even faster than before thanks to the new dedicated line to my apartment. I held off on doing a "lookee here! internets!" post last night to keep from jinxing myself, and am leery of even mentioning it for fear I'll go home tonight and find that it's out again. So in order to ward off any sort of hex that announcing I'm back in business at home may bring, here are two things about me that I'm not particularly proud of:

1. God help me, but I do love Tequiza.

2. I intentionally watched Norbit last week, and thought it was kinda funny.

No beer internet and no TV make Homer Todd something something...

The second reason for this post is to say that I've decided to invite futher frustration into my life by ordering the Western Carolina game on PPV. Seeing as how this is Charter and all and my previous attempts at ordering Alabama games on PPV ('03 NIU, '05 MTSU, '06 Hawaii) ended in nothing but a black screen and hours of phone calls before getting the charges for the games taken off my bill, there's no real guarantee I'll actually get to watch it. So hopefully my embarassing admissions will keep both my internet up and running and the PPV will work come Saturday. Wish me luck.