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Washington to Start at NG on Saturday

As expected, Lorenzo Washington moves up to starter at NG for the Tide come Saturday. Fortunately, he had been working with the first team in practice over the past two weeks while Motley was out for hand surgery:

"He's a big guy, a physical guy," Saban said. "He was a little bit behind the other guys in the beginning. I do think, actually, if there is a silver lining that Motley (injured his hand) and (Washington) got more reps and played with the ones.

"He probably made a little quicker improvement and got more exposure gained a little more confidence. He's doing a good job. We're pleased with his development. It was rapid. He did a good job."

There is, of course, still the question of depth, with only true freshman Alfred McCullough behind him while Josh Chapman remains in ineligibility limbo.