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The best part of LSU/State

It was only a matter of time before that hit started popping up.

Oddly enough, I had a strange dream where I was a third grade teacher, and all the kids, the Girl, one of her sorority sisters and I went to Starkville for the game, and then, since in my dreams Starkvegas is like 10 hours away from Birmingham, we hauled back home just in time for the first day of school, except my kids didn't have their books or school supplies yet and we got stuck in a long line waiting at the school store with only three minutes left before we had to be in the classroom. Suddenly, the PA announces "Please allow Mr. Jones's class to move to the front of the line since they need to be in class in three minutes" and upon the mention of "Mr. Jones's class" all my kids scream in unison "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" since I had apparently taught them a cheer, and we moved to the front of the line and all the other kids and teacher were talking about how unfair that was and my kids were trashing talking them all the way, and one of them even busted out "We run these streets!" to another teacher. Man, I should have gone into education...