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Know Your Enemy: Week 1 Review

No big shocks as far as results go this week though I think some of us were a bit surprised by the way some teams played. I don't think anyone expected Georgia to dominate Oklahoma State so thoroughly, nor did many people expect Auburn to be trailing Kansas State with four minutes left in the game. Additionally, I'm not surprised that Clemson won, but I am surprised that FSU didn't even bother to show up in the first half. Here's a snapshot look at what our opponents did this week:

Week 1
Week 1
(L) 6-52
A total mismatch.
Gave up 575 total
yards and only gained 247.
(W) 41-17
Earl Bennett caught 13
passes for 223 yards and
three touchdowns. Nickson
completed 73% of his passes.
(W) 46-26
McFadden & Jones combined
for 280 yards and
2 TDs on 36 carries.
McFadden also threw for
a TD.
(W) 35-14
Dawgs won by 3TDs in
a game where they used
12 first time starters.
Held high powered Cowboy
offense to 266 yards.
(L) 18-24
Were dominated by Clemson
on both sides of the
ball in the first half.
Scrapped their way back
and could have won in
the final minutes.
(L) 27-48
Game was tied 5 mins.
into the 3rd quarter
but then Oregon pulled
away. Aldridge rushed for 205
yards on 22 carries.
(W) 23-21
Rebels led 20-0 at
half. Scored a TD on special
teams and returned an
interception for a TD.
Only had 275 yards
on offense.
(L) 31-45
Gave up a TD on
special teams and
another on a turnover.
Defense gave up 230
yards rushing.
(W) 45-0
The scoreline was more
impressive than the actual
performance. LSU scored points
off of six of the seven MSU
(L) 0-45
Incredibly disastrous performance
by QB Henig who threw
six interceptions.
MSU also fumbled three
times and lost 1.
(L) 17-35
ULM appears to have
no passing game (66 yards)
and relied solely on their
ground game (212 yards.)
They led 17-14 at the half.
(W) 23-13
The Barn was behind late in
the 4th quarter but won
with the help of countless
K-State penalties. Tigers
only managed 62 rushing yards.