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The RBR Countdown: 26 Days 'til Football

Since I am once again sans internet (yet the cable TV works just fine. Seriously, Charter, WTF?), a few fall practice links from over the weekend. Don't expect much from me this week unless I can get my internet issues sorted out in the next day or two, which means the previews will soldier on at a breakneck pace once I can get back to looking up stats and such at home.

Prince Hall worked out with the freshmen on Friday, possibly for disciplinary reasons.

Chris Walsh discusses the new conditioning program and it's positive effect for the players in fall camp.

The Birmingham News has a look at the position battles shaping up for the fall, and Saban's desire for constant battles among a talented roster:

The status of the defense, which lost six starters, is a little more to his liking. At least those spots are up for grabs.

In the future, he'd like nothing but battles.

"There is competition at some positions," Saban said. "But I think competition at every position would make us a better team."

Saban said he has no favorites. He only wishes players win their particular fights based on their excellence rather than a teammate's shortcomings.