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If it's stuck in my head...'s gonna be stuck in yours, too. Just don't ask how this one got there, though, 'cause I honestly don't know.

My bottom hurts just thinkin' about it...

And since I'm not going to be able to do much in the way of substantive blogging this week, look for plenty more silly YouTubes and lots and lots of links (in other words, business as usual).

DJ Hall seems pretty excited about the new offense:

"With this offense," Hall said before Sunday's Fan Day practice at Bryant-Denny Stadium, "we'll put up a whole lot better numbers than we did (last season). It's a great offense. I can't wait for people to see it."

Alabama has landed another commit from the Mobile area:

(Destin) Hood, who has offers from every SEC school except Georgia, is the 13th-ranked prospect in the state according to the Press-Register's Elite 18 and is No. 98 on the Super Southeast 120. He caught 22 passes last season for 636 yards and 12 touchdowns and, while he also has played some in the secondary at St. Paul's, he said Alabama coaches want him as a receiver.

I'll get the recruiting board updated at some point to reflect his addition, and am still working on a list of prospects with offers from the Tide.

As per usual, Outside the Sidelines is dropping post after post of quality content, including a look at preseason rankings, thoughts on the fall practice, and 24 questions for both the SEC East and West.

Tide Druid has a list of the top five people who brought down the Shula regime. Try to guess who came in first before you click the link.

A Kentucky fan has started up a "Best of the SEC Blogs" site, and we're certainly honored that he included us in that category. He's doing an excellent job of keeping up with all the top posts from each team's respective bloggers, so be sure to check in frequently.