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Wednesday Links and Such

I forgot my iPod this morning, so I was listening to 99.5 on the way to work and Ramblin' Man came on and that made me totally happy. It's just one of those songs that puts me in a good mood no matter what's going on.

The Tuscaloosa News has some practice notes up, with Jimmy Johns's work at Fullback being highlighted:

Saban said Johns has several traits that make him a good candidate for the position, but the other fullbacks are making strides also. "Jimmy can certainly [catch the ball], and he's got the ability to run after the catch. He's got some size, so it may be difficult for smaller people to tackle him. That doesn't mean that Baron Huber can't do that. He's made some improvement in that area, as well. Jeramie Griffin is showing some pretty good athleticism at that position, and we're also working him as a runner."

Am I the only one excited at the prospect of Johns lining up as an H-back?

The Huntsville Times takes a look at the peer intervention group Coach Saban has set up to help deal with player discipline:

"Peer groups can affect all of us more so than maybe just someone else," Saban said. "I think when one of your peers says something to you, even if you tell him to buzz off when he says it, you still go home at night and think about that and say 'Is what I'm doing really not professional and doesn't reflect well. My peer said that. Maybe I ought to change.'

"Whether you acknowledge it to your peer or not, I do think that kind of intervention can be beneficial in player development. And not just on the field but also off the field."

Demetrius Goode is probably looking at a redshirt after an ACL injury on the first day of practice. Thankfully RB is a position where we're more than stocked.

And speaking of running backs, UT's LaMarcus Coker was suspended indefinitely for either a medical condition or violation of the team's substance abuse policy, depending on who you ask. This likely won't effect the starting lineup for the Vols, but Coker filled in adequately for Arian Foster last year after an injury against Air Force and his absence leaves the woeful rushing attack of Tennessee with only one tested back.

In news that appeals to probably no one but Nico and I, Bob Newton has officially stepped down as head coach of the Homewood Patriots, passing the reigns to long time DC Dickey Wright. Coach Wright served as the "interim" head coach for the entirety of last season, going 7-6 and making it to the quarterfinals of the playoffs in Homewood's first year in 6A, after Coach Newton was sidelined with a staph infection. Coach Newton compiled a 124-24 record and captured five state titles during his 11 years as head coach, and was the best damn driver's ed teacher I ever had. We here at RBR wish the best of luck to Coach Wright as he leads our alma mater this season.

The preceding link had nothing to do with Hoover, but I still feel compelled to remind you that Hoover sucks. Go Patriots.