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Wednesday THURSDAY AM Links and Such

Update [2007-8-9 11:15:31 by Todd]:

Yeah, it's not actually wednesday...I'm an idiot.

I went home for lunch yesterday to find both my TV and internet working, only to jinx myself by calling Nico to say I'd be back to blogging regularly before going home for the evening to discover that the internets? She's a fickle mistress. Somebody done hoodooed the hoodoo man, indeed.

Johns has apparently embraced the move to fullback:

"It's just an opportunity to hit people," Johns said. "That's something I like doing, something I take pride in."

Johns, who said he "didn't have a choice, really," doesn't seem to mind the move, which isn't necessarily final. The leading returning rusher from 2006 embraced his new position because "whatever helps the team out, that's what I'm about."

Fellow running backs now understand why the shift occurred. "Oh man, all he wants to do is make contact with somebody every play," Terry Grant said.

While I'm exceptionally excited about Johns's potential as an H-back (which is how I primarily use him in NCAA '08, so, you know, great minds think alike and all), it still looks like he'll be versatile enough to line up at tailback in short yardage and goal line situations as well as a traditional blocking fullback.

The Mobile Press-Register fills us in on the names and position moves of the new look Alabama O-Line.

Outsides the Sidelines has posted several entries concerning the new kick off rules and how it will benefit the return team. Looks like Javier Arenas is keen on the idea:

"It will be a benefit, of course," said Arenas, a 5-foot-9, 193-pound sophomore who also plays defensive back. "It gives us a better chance to set up our offense in better position.

"Having a little grass behind you when you get the ball gives you a little more confidence that you'll get a little further, if not go the distance."

I have been laughing about this image all morning long.

crbama linked to it in the comments, and several people have e-mailed us about it, so I guess I'll just have to go ahead and point y'all to an embarassing moment for our sweetheart:

American Idol finalist Katharine McPhee flashed her panties when a gust of wind blew her dress up while on the set of the upcoming untitled Anna Faris movie. And if that weren't embarrassing enough, she decided at that exact moment to reach down and pick her wedgie.

Am I the only one here that's relieved our girl's most embarassing moment to date has nothing to do with possession, DUI, stints in rehab, and flashing her tee hee to the paparazzi every time she gets out of a car?

Silly me, after all the coverage of Britney's, Lindsay's, and Paris's "unfinished basements" I thought no one in Hollywood wore underwear anymore.

I have another Charter technician coming this afternoon, so cross your fingers and hope to see a "w00t! 1nt3rn3ts!!" post later tonight.