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Houston Nutt Wanted the Alabama Job?

With all the insanity revolving around Houston Nutt and the Arkansas program this offseason, I, like the Hog Blogger, am not surprised by anything coming out of Fayetteville these days. He posted another legal document that's made the rounds concerning the critical e-mails sent to former Arkansas QB Mitch Mustain by a friend of the Nutt family and Arkansas booster that may or may not have been prompted by head coach Houston Nutt. There's a lot of damning evidence in there (you can download the pdf from here), but the Wizard of Odds found something else in there that's of interest to us:

One email alludes to Nutt's possible interest in the opening at Alabama, created when Mike Shula was fired on Nov. 26. This exchange between Darby and Sherry Hamilton, a friend of Darby and Prewett:

"Teresa just said if the job is offered, [Nutt] is taking it. He will not interview. It will have to be offered. He wants the job from a recruiting standpoint. It recruits itself. I still think they will go after [Steve] Spurrier first."

Wow, even Houston Nutt believed the Spurrier rumors...