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I figured that I would share it with everyone that I have officially received my first piece of hate mail. It comes from an Arkansas fan, in response to an article I wrote several weeks ago saying I didn't believe Arkansas would be particularly good in 2007.

Here goes the full thing, and I do quote, i.e. the grammatical errors are not mine:

seem you have a-lot of issues with Arkansas. i hope you dont hate us to much After this Saturday.

yall think D_mac is our only good player?

Felix is better than anyone on your team. monk is better than anyone on your team/ hillis is better than anyone on your team. hell our 3rd string Michael smith is better than your 1st string RB.

Crosby Tuck our NEW Freshman WR is better than your entire receiving core. Hope yall are ready to say his name more than Monk ever was.

and cant really say we cant pass. because with have Nathan Dick and he back to being the backup after being hurt.

you should hope and pray Casey doesnt get benched. or it will be all over for you once this young QB star takes over.

name 2 people on your defence better than Michael Grant or Freddy fairchild?

oh and dont even think yall will win by a FG. we have a long range Sniper for a FG kicker now.

We just have a superior Team to Bama. yea it sucks we have a horrible Headcoach. but dont worry. when we are facing South carolina or florida for the SEC champ. we will save some tickets for bama so you dont feel left out.

hey Bama Was good... well when your HC was Bear Bryant. heh and he was from Arkansas.

yall gotta get your head out of the clouds.

and lets not even bring up the commitments we already have for 2008. including another highly touted QB. and RB. get used to being in the Shadows of Arkansas for a few years atleast.

Um, yeah, I really don't think an explanation is needed.