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Sports Talk Radio: Just Say No

If you ever wondered why you should never listen to sports talk radio, take this into consideration...

Today, Herb Winches was being interviewed, and he was asked directly what he thought about the possibility of Les Miles taking the Michigan job. He replied, and I quote:

"Les Miles has an excellent relationship with Bo Schembechler. If Carr is gone after this year, there is no doubt that Bo will recommend to the Trustees that Les be their first choice."

Only one problem: Bo Schembechler died on November 17th, 2006.

Granted, from all I can tell Bo was a fine coach and a fine man, but even so I have a feeling that making recommendations to the University of Michigan's Board of Trustees will be quite difficult for him at this point.

And it's reasons like that as to why you shouldn't listen to talk radio. Even if you don't think much of our blog, at the very least I can guarantee you that we won't state as a matter of fact that dead people will make a recommendation as for whom to hire for a coaching vacancy.