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Todd's Friday Embarassing Admission...

...or, Todd Attempts to Curry Favor With the Football Gods by Admitting his Moral, Cultural, and Intellectual Flaws in a Very Public Manner.

Since admitting I love Tequiza and voluntarily watched Norbit kept my internet working and the PPV game on, and owning up to my lust for Paris Hilton garnered the Tide a win over Vandy despite some offensive troubles, it's time for another embarassing admission in exchange for a win over the Hogs. So here goes. You know those commercials they've been running for a new show called "Carpoolers" or something like that? And you know how they have the one where they are listening to Phil Collins?

You know, this one?

Well, I have totally done that while driving in the car because, God help me, I love "In the Air Tonight," and when the drums kick in? ROCK. So yeah, if you ever see some Bocephus looking guy tooling around Birmingham and playing the air drums? That's probably me. Be sure and say "Hi!"

Now that that's out of the way, here are your Friday AM Links and Such:

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reminds us that DJ Hall will likely surpass Ozzie Newsome's career receiving yards record:

At some point in Saturday's game with Arkansas or soon thereafter, Alabama wide receiver DJ Hall will total his 2,071st career receiving yard. In doing so, he'll break one of Alabama's longest-standing individual football records. He'll also pass Crimson Tide and NFL legend Ozzie Newsome, who totaled 2,070 yards for Alabama from 1974-77.

Cecil Hurt reminds us of Nutt's propensity to call a trick play every so often:

While Arkansas will run many plays from basic I-formation power sets, the Razorbacks aren't above trickery to create confusion and allow even more one-on-one opportunity for both of the big, tackle-breaking backs.
Are you implying this man would stoop to trickery and deception? No, sir! I won't hear of it!

A quick note from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for all of you attending the game:

Bryant-Denny Stadium is not as hostile an environment as LSU or Florida (War Memorial and Reynolds Razorback Stadium probably would rank third or fourth ).

Crimson Tide fans are loud, but not intimidating; plus, they may be pacing themselves for the Auburn game.

Just thought y'all should be aware that the hillbilly newsmen think you're soft.

The Decatur Daily takes a look at some of the other players and storylines besides Darren McFadden to watch for.

Meanwhile, The Mobile Press-Register doesn't want us to forget Felix Jones:

McFadden might get the publicity, and deservedly so, but Jones provides an equal amount of terror for opposing coaches who must try to compose a strategy to limit his big-play ability and to defenders who have to corral him during games.

"Felix is overshadowed by Darren McFadden, but if he was on any other team, he would definitely be another Darren McFadden," Alabama defensive lineman Wallace Gilberry said.

And finally, a little Friday McPhee to help you get through the day.

You're welcome