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SEC Packets: Week Three Results

Auburn 14, Mississippi State 19

OTS Picked: Auburn
Nico Picked: Auburn
Todd Picked: Auburn

Wow. On the one hand, you want to make fun of a rival when they are down, but on the other, well, after years of hearing them make fun of your team for the exact same crap they are going through right now, screw 'em.

Tommy do you hear me? Can you feel me near you?

Georgia 45, Western Carolina 16

OTS Picked: Georgia
Nico Picked: Georgia
Todd Picked: Georgia

I'm not sure what to make of the Dawgs after their embarassing offensive displays the past two weeks. No TDs against South Carolina, it took them a full quarter to get going against Western Carolina...I wish I had seen this one to get a better picture of what we'll be facing this weekend.

Florida 59, Tennessee 20

OTS Picked: Florida
Nico Picked: Florida
Todd Picked: Florida

Florida hasn't played a rock solid defense yet, but after three weeks of offensive explosions the Gators have a great shot at going back to Atlanta even if their own D is suspect. UT, on the other hand,'s going to be a long rest of the seasons for Vol fans.

Alabama 41, Arkansas 38

OTS Picked: Alabama
Nico Picked: Alabama
Todd Picked: Alabama

We got really lucky in this game, but a win is a win and I'm still elated that we finally mounted a come from behind rally to win after years of feeling hopeless entering the fourth quarter trailing. Matt Caddell is my hero.

Vanderbilt 31, Ole Miss 17

OTS Picked: Vandy
Nico Picked: Ole Miss
Todd Picked: Vandy

Not a big shock here. The Rebs stole a game they were completely dominated in last season after Nickson was lost to injury, but no such luck this year as he lit them up for 200 yards through the air and ran for another 78.

South Carolina 38, South Carolina State 3

OTS Picked: South Carolina
Nico Picked: South Carolina
Todd Picked: South Carolina

No big shock here, unless you consider Blake Mitchell managed to throw three picks against a 1AA defense.

Kentucky 40, Louisville 34

OTS Picked: Louisville
Nico Picked: Louisville
Todd Picked: Kentucky

I kept seeing the score of this one creep by and everytime it seemed like UK and Louisville both had scored at least once between updates. I had given up on the 'Cats when I saw they were down by a point with like a minute left and didn't bother looking again since it was the end of the Alabama game and I had other things to focus on, and didn't find out UK had pulled it out until well after the game was over.

I knew one of upset picks would come through eventually!

LSU 44, MTSU 0

OTS Picked: LSU
Nico Picked: LSU
Todd Picked: LSU

I didn't think the Blue Raiders would hang around like they did against Louisville, but I also figured they'd at least manage a field goal. Oh well.


Michigan 38, Notre Dame 0

OTS Picked: Notre Dame
Nico Picked: Notre Dame
Todd Picked: Notre Dame

Damn you, Notre Dame! Every time I think you're looking better and have a chance to win, you go and poop your stupid Irish pants and get blown out! I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU AND I HOPE YOU NEVER WIN ANOTHER GAME AS LONG AS THE GAME OF FOOTBALL IS PLAYED!!!!1111


USC 49, Nebraska 31

OTS Picked: USC
Nico Picked: USC
Todd Picked: USC

Even though the 'Huskers managed to put up 21 points in the fourth, they were manhandled by the Trojans for most of the game. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Boston College 24, Georgia Tech 10

OTS Picked: BC
Nico Picked: BC
Todd Picked: BC

I didn't really get to watch this game, so, whatever.

That puts the count at: OTS: 30-5 Nico: 28-7 Todd: 29-6