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BlogPoll Calling: Todd's Initial Week Three Ballot

1. Oklahoma - The Sooners stay on top after another dominating performance.

2. USC - The Trojans stay at number two after giving up 21 points to the Huskers in the fourth.

3. LSU - Screw West Virginia, after ranking them highly for the past few weeks and watching them screw around for a few quarters before finally deciding to hit the gas, and watching LSU blow everyone out, the Bayou Bengals get the bump ahead.

4. West Virginia - See above.

5. Penn State - Business as usual against Buffalo leaves the Nittany Lions in the top 5.

6. Cal - The Golden Bears get a bump over the Longhorns after Texas struggled in Orlando.

7. Florida - The Gators get a bump past Tejas as well after they destroyed Tennessee.

8. Texas - It's taking Texas way too long to get going in games, and that's going to cost them a few.

9. Ohio State - Boeckman can throw? Look out.

Uh oh, looks like somebody's been working on their passing game...

10. Wisconsin - Back to back weeks struggling against what should have been cupcakes makes me very nervous about the Badgers, so they move down from #8.

11. Alabama - I was tempted bump us into the top ten after a big win in our first real test of the season, but we nearly gave that game away with stupid mistakes and I really don't think we deserve it yet.

12. Hawaii - Up two spots after the Warriors got back to business, blowing out a UNLV team in Vegas that gave Wisconsin all they could handle.

13. South Carolina - Up from 17 since I had them behind UGA last week, and felt I should rectify that this week. Mitchell's interceptions against a 1AA defense are certainly worrisome, though.

14. Georgia - Down from 12 after adjusting to move SC ahead of them, like I should have done last week. The Dawgs got back on track against Western Carolina, but I'm still not sure what to make of them after they got out of the first quarter with a 3-3 tie.

15. Oregon - Up from 19 after they beat a good Fresno State team that should have won in College Station, and continue to put up big numbers on offense.

16. Boston College - Up from #23 after handling Georgia Tech.

17. Rutgers - Up from #20 with the falls of UCLA, Louisville, Ga Tech and Nebraska.

18. Texas Tech - Up from 25 after blowing out Rice 59-24. Probably ranked too high, but what can I say? I just love those Red Raiders!

And their swim team. Man do I love their swim team...

19. Clemson - I'm going to regret putting them this high since they'll choke it away in a few weeks, but still...

20. Kentucky - What the hey.

21. Virginia Tech - Will stay where they are after beating Ohio, which isn't a bad team, but I'm still not convinced by the Hokies.

22. Louisville - Down from #16 after losing to Kentucky.

23. Georgia Tech - Down from 18 after losing to BC.

24. UCLA - Down from 15 after being thoroughly shamed by Utah.

25. Arkansas - The Hogs haven't been in my rankings yet, and it's kind of weird to put them in after a loss, but this team is better than we gave them credit for and we were lucky to get the win on Saturday. McFadden is everything his hype says he is, and with the rest of the SEC West save LSU looking pretty craptacular, they could run the rest of their schedule.

Dropped Out: Tennessee (1-2 start, and they look like things are going to get much worse), Washington (probably overhyped after beating Boise), Nebraska (A close loss to Wake and then a mauling by USC).