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BlogPoll Calling: OTS's Ballot

1. USC: They toyed with the 'Huskers like a cat toys with a ball of yarn. Moreover, they rammed it down their throats in the running game like has never happened in the history of Nebraska football, and they can just do basically what they want, whenever they want.

2. West Virginia: The Mountaineers have to essentially win four "big" games to go undefeated, and they blew out Maryland on the road in one of the "big" games. The struggles of Louisville and the emergence of Noel Devine only increases their odds for an undefeated season.

3. LSU: The second best team in the country and the best team East of LA. South Carolina isn't easy, but LSU should win with ease. The tough part will be going through Florida twice.

4. Oklahoma: Yet another legitimate national championship contender, and frankly I'd be surprised if the Sooners didn't repeat as Big XII Champs. LSU and USC had better be flawless, otherwise the Sooners will likely fill their void.

5. Florida: The Urban Meyer offense is seemingly unstoppable with Tebow, and the young defense is making very good progress. As young as this team is, combined with how they are playing at this stage, it's damn scary.

6. Penn State: Without doubt, the Nittany Lions are the favorite to win the Big Ten, and could deliver the knockout blow to Lloyd Carr and Michigan this week. They haven't beaten the Wolverines since 1996, so this one is marked on their calendar.

7. Ohio State: Given Michigan and Wisconsin's struggles, combined with an impressive road victory over a solid Washington team, it all puts the Buckeyes right in line behind the Nittany Lions.

8. Texas: They are undefeated still, but not playing well at all. I'm afraid that I overrated this team in the pre-season, and if they keep playing like they are now, the Sooners will annihilate them in the Red River Shootout. It seems like only a matter of time before they fall.

9. Wisconsin: Much like with Texas, the Badgers are struggling big-time over very bad teams. It won't be long before they lose and drop out of the top ten.

10. Cal: Remains as the final top ten team after a convincing win over one of the Sisters of the Poor. USC showdown looms.

11. Rutgers: Basically the same as Cal; at the moment, the only team I see that I think can legitimately derail West Virginia.

12. Boston College: After a dominating performance over Georgia Tech -- combined with the continued struggles of Miami, Florida State, and Virginia Tech -- the Golden Eagles are easily the favorite to win the ACC.

13. South Carolina: A very dull performance against South Carolina State, and I really think that they are in big trouble against LSU this week. Still, they look to contend for nine or ten wins.

14. Georgia: Not sure exactly what we have in UGA after Troy dominated Oklahoma State, but everyone around them lost, so they move up. Must win at 'Bama next week to keep their already small hopes alive of possibly winning the SEC East.

15. Oregon: This team continues to look good, especially after Michigan hammered Notre Dame.

16. Clemson: Solid team, but it's hard to say just how much is an easy schedule and how good they really are.

17. Hawai'i: Still undefeated, and really at this point the only non-BCS team in the country that could make a BCS game. Though that's unlikely, they are still likely to win 10 or 11 games and finish in the top 25. Given the way the schedule plays out, they are almost certain to start out 10-0 with a spot in a BCS bowl guaranteed if they can close with wins over Boise State and Washington.

18. Alabama: Huge win over Arkansas, and this team has potential go go 8-4 or 9-3 and finish second in the SEC West. Still, concerns are there, and will drop a few games. The upcoming UGA game is huge for both teams.

19. Georgia Tech: Despite a loss to Boston College, the Yellow Jackets are still likely one of the best ACC teams.

20. South Florida: The Bulls will likely get another big-name win this week with a victory over North Carolina, and the following week they have a showdown against West Virginia in what will be one of the biggest games of the year. A win there and they could be BCS bound.

21. Missouri: After Nebraska was manhandled, Missouri has to be the favorite to win the Big 12 North -- i.e. the right to be annihilated by Oklahoma.

22. Louisville: Not particularly good, but as long as Brohm stays healthy, they'll still probably win nine or ten games in the extremely weak Big East.

23. Kentucky: After a big win over Louisville, the 'Cats seemed poised for another return trip to a bowl game.

24. Texas A&M: Not a very good team, but a weak schedule and a struggling Longhorn team probably means that the Aggies will get eight wins or so and have a good shot to be ranked at the very bottom of the polls come January.

25. Arkansas: Maybe I'm just being a big homer, but I was impressed to a degree with Arkansas. If they beat Kentucky next week, they are likely to start 7-1.