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Awesome New Bama Blog

I found this last night and meant to include it in the links post early today, but since I'm afraid I'll forget it again, it gets it's own post.

Behold, The Church of Saban.

They're doing good work so far, looking into the Great Sabanic Oracle to discern the coming week's results. A quick sample:

We will start with the game of which the Oracle is most sure...Vandy vs. Bye.

The good Coach Steve Martin will attempt to keep his forces focused this week after a victory over the Ogre of the West. This is made easier by the fact that bye weeks at Vandy are much like game weeks...much serious study will still be had on Saturday afternoon in the library. Still, the Scholars are still the Scholars, and they will still find some way to make this look difficult.

THE ORACLE SAYS: Vanderbilt 11, Bye 2

Keep up the good work, guys. Saban is an unforgiving God.