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Well.. I'm finally back from T'town after a great football Saturday.

Being honest, there's a lot to get to regarding Saturday's game, and I think I'm going to address that in a variety of posts over the next few days. I guess I'll do one for the defense, one for the offense, and one for the gameday experience / general notes regarding the game.

We'll also have the individual play breakdown up, hopefully by Wednesday, but if not then at least by Thursday. I'm not sure exactly which play I'm doing yet, but I've got an idea.

Also, no game charting this week. It's Western Carolina, and the plan at the moment is to only chart the eight conference games, the FSU game, and, if applicable, the bowl game.

Starting around Wednesday or Thursday, we'll really start the focus on the Vanderbilt game.

Check back in tomorrow afternoon for a breakdown of the offense.