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Dear Bob Stoops,

Shut up.

By this point, most have probably read your mindless ramblings about supposed spying just prior to the 2004 Sugar Bowl. And it's all junk.

Look, the bottom line Bob is that you got beat fair and square. You can't even pinpoint a play in question, and when asked you go off on a tangent about a play where your quarterback missed a wide open receiver.

The truth of the matter is that you were beaten by a superior team. Sure, your 2003 Sooners looked like one of the greatest college football teams ever through twelve games, but Kansas State and LSU exposed them for what they were: a good but not great team with a good defense, a poor running game, and a quarterback who despite putting up huge numbers and winning the Heisman, was in fact a quarterback with a weak arm, poor accuracy, and poor decision-making abilities. Heisman Trophy or not, there's a reason this guy is currently selling insurance in Tuttle.

The game itself played out that basic underlying reality.

The Oklahoma defense was good, but certainly not great. Justin Vincent helped control the game on the ground, going for well over 100 yards. Jason White was terrible, barely completing one-third of his passes, and throwing a key interception returned for a touchdown when a defensive end dropped into coverage, a play that ultimately turned out to be the difference. The Oklahoma running game was non-existent, with 33 carries for 52 yards.

Again, you got beat fair and square by a better team. Deal with it. Hindsight 20 / 20, you should have never been there all along. Don't try to change things with no factual basis whatsoever by re-telling your revisionist history of something that happened almost four years ago. And if this really was a problem, you have waited entirely too long to just now be mentioning it. Quite obviously, you are just trying to implicate Nick Saban in the current Bill Belichick cheating melodrama based solely on the simple fact that Saban worked as the defensive coordinator almost fifteen years ago during Belichick's first coaching stint with the Cleveland Browns.

And if Saban and LSU cheated in order to edge out a 21-14 victory over your Sooners, exactly what in the Holy Hell did Kansas State -- i.e. the same bunch that was beaten by the likes of Marshall and Oklahoma State -- do in order to annihilate your team 35-7 in the Big 12 Championship Game?