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Q&A the First: A Quick Chat with Paul Westerdawg

Our blogging colleagues of the Georgia persuasion are numerous and talented, and some of my favorite reads every day. We got some Q&A going with both the Georgia Sports Blog and Hey Jenny Slater, and here is our conversation with Paul Westerdawg of the Georgia Sports Blog:

First, the basic boring crap:

1. What's the biggest mismatch in this game (i.e. Bama's Rushing Attack vs UGA's front seven)?

Yes. That's it.

2. Who do you think will be the playmaker that makes the biggest difference for UGA, be it on offense or defense?

If we win, it'll need to be Matt Stafford and the WRs hooking up. If not, we won't keep the defense off us enough to set Moreno free. All that requires our puppies along the OL holding up. Basically, the offense has to execute. It's not 1 guy, but if it were 1 guy, it's Stafford.

3. Which Alabama playmaker do you fear will have a banner day against Georgia?

Andre Smith is a playmaker. I'm not kidding. If we let him dominate us, we're going to struggle to win this thing.

4. How big is this game for Georgia in the wake of the South Carolina loss? Does another loss here pretty well end the Dawg's hopes of an SEC title game appearance?

If we win, we roll into Jacksonville undefeated. With AU and UT down and GT looking much more beatable, we have a legit shot at the Citrus Bowl with a win on Sat. If we lose, we're going to struggle just like last year with an 8-4 type frustrating season.

And now, some more interesting ones:

1. What one player from last year's team that either graduated or entered the draft early would you most like to have back, and which starter would you be willing to trade for him?

It's a toss up. Ken Shackleford - OT (4th Round Draft Pick) Rarely played in 2003 when Neil Callaway burned his redshirt year. We could have an NFL caliber OT protecting Stafford's blindside instead of a true freshman. OR, Charles Johnson. We'd have a 280 lb grown ass man chasing QBs and stuffing the run instead of a 225 pounder with a huge heart, but a small dumper.

2. Which member of the Alabama team do you wish was wearing red and black this weekend?

Andre Smith. It's not even close. There's no one else on your roster that's overwhelmingly more talented than his UGA counterpart.

3. Conversely, which Georgia player that you aren't fond of (preferably for their lack of performance, but maybe you just hate his name) would you choose to curse the Tide with?

No thanks. I like our kids.

4. Finally, and really for no apparent reason, who's your favorite UGA player not named Herschel and why?

Hines Ward. Passion for the game. Punishing blocker. Did everything he was asked at 3 positions. With a broken wrist and bad knee he PASSED for 400+ yards in the 1995 Peach Bowl. We lost that game on a kickoff return TD with just minutes left, but Hines played his nuts off. All time warrior.

I prefer to think of him this way, but point well taken.

We'll have Hey Jenny Slater's up later tonight, and be sure to check in with both for our responses to their questions.