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Injury Update

The Arkansas game was a tough, physical war of attrition, and we left with plenty of battle scars. And the truth is, we have to get a lot of those guys healthy.

Keith Saunders went down in the Arkansas game with an apparent shoulder stinger, but he is apparently okay. He came back in later on against Arkansas, and is seemingly okay.

Darren Mustin, too, went out with a shoulder stinger, but he's not in good shape. As of the Wednesday practice, he was still in the black no contact jersey, and the harsh truth is that he likely either won't play, or in a best-case scenario, he will be limited. At this point, barring a quick heal on his part, we just have to hope that Prince Hall isn't the disaster this week as he was last week.

D.J. Hall has a groin injury -- which is a bit concerning because those can tend to be limiting over a significant period of time -- but he has practiced this week and is expected to play. Coach Nick Saban deemed him "probable."

Finally, Brian Motley -- who was expected to start at nose guard this year before going out with a broken ankle -- has started back running. He is expected to do some drills next week, and football activities the following week. From all we can tell, his recovery is going quite well. Hopefully he can return to the rotation by the Tennessee game. So, good news on that front.

The potential lack of Darren Mustin is a major concern, but aside from that, we seem to be in pretty good shape on the injury front.