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Alabama vs Georgia Open Thread

#16 Alabama Crimson Tide   #22 Georgia Bulldogs
3-0 (2-0)   2-1 (0-1)
6:45pm CST - ESPN

And, of course, the five questions:

On Offense

1. I'm going to keep asking it until I finally get an answer: Whither Jimmy Johns?

2. The Georgia front seven is still a question mark for the Dawgs? Will Grant be able to break off the kind of spectacular runs we all love to see on a consistent basis?

3. Will we see another step forward for John Parker Wilson, like we saw from the Vandy game to the Arkansas game?

4. Can the offense move the ball and get some good, long drives going to keep the defense fresh?

5. Will we be able to get some key scores early on like last week, or will this be a struggle from the first snap?

On Defense

1. We did a better job getting takeaways last week. Can we keep that up?

2. With such an inexperienced o-line to protect him, Stafford is a sitting duck. Can we take advantage?

3. The Georgia running backs aren't exactly McFadden and Jones, but they are still talented and more than capable. Will we be able to contain them better?

4. Casey Dick was able to make some plays through the air last week because of bad/busted coverage. Stafford is clearly a better QB, so will we be able to either a) keep his receivers blanketed, or b) keep him from making good throws with pressure up front?

5. Finally, if Prince Hall is starting in place of an injured Darren Mustin, will he be able to get back to his production level last season now that he's had a week to practice with the first team?