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BlogPoll Calling: WE PAID $4 MILLION FOR TODD'S BALLOT??!?!?!?!?!1111

1. Oklahoma: They continue to destroy everything in their path, and are looking pert near unstoppable.

2. USC: Still at number two.

3. LSU: Looked suddenly mortal against South Carolina. Interesting...

4. West Virginia: Stays in at #4 after beating East Carolina.

5. Cal: Moves up from #6 after Penn State's loss to Michigan.

6. Texas: Looks like the slumbering giant finally woke up after annihilating Rice from the first snap on.

7. Ohio State: Another sleeper finally got going, with two weeks worth of clearly evident offensive improvement. Now that Penn State has shown they've got too many problems to run the Big Ten, I like the Buckeyes to take it.

And these guys couldn't be happier.

8. Florida: Those plucky Rebels have some fight in 'em!

9. Oregon: Probably too high, but the Ducks are getting it done so far.

10. Boston College: Again, probably too high, but they're 4-0 and looking like the ACC is theirs.

11. Rutgers: Bye week means they move up after everyone else moves down.

12. Georgia: I don't want to rank the Dawgs this high, but I can't move Clemson or Kentucky past them.

13. Clemson: I don't like Clemson, and I know they'll be tumbling out of the polls about this time next month, but they're undefeated and I can't come up with a reason not to have them here.

14. Kentucky: Another strong effort bumps the 'Cats up from #20.

15. Hawaii: Still undefeated, but that La. Tech taint still lingers.

16.Wisconsin: I'm dropping them from #10. They just don't look like a good team right now, even if they are undefeated.

17. South Carolina: Drops from #13 after losing to LSU.

18. South Florida: It's high time I started showing the Bulls a little respect around here!

19. Penn State: You lost to the team that lost to Appy State (who lost to Wofford this weekend!). For shame.

20. Alabama: I have to drop my beloved Tide from it's lofty #11 perch. Sad.

21. Missouri: They keep on winning, but, like Clemson, will probably be tumbling out of the polls very quickly in a few weeks.

22. Purdue: The Boilermakers are here solely for their 4-0 start. I doubt they'll finish ranked.

23. Arizona State: Another 4-0 team, but their biggest tests all come one after another at the end of October (Cal, at Oregon, at UCLA, USC).

24. Michigan State: Another 4-0, but they go to Camp Randall this weekend so we'll see how long they stay here.

25. Texas Tech: I was going to drop them completely after the loss to Oklahoma State, but I just can't stay mad at them.

Plus, then I wouldn't have an excuse to post this picture again.