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SEC Packets: Week Four Results

Florida 30, Ole Miss 24

OTS Picked: Florida
Nico Picked: Florida
Todd Picked: Florida

I made this my "Sandra Bernhard Game of the Week" because I thought it was going to be ugly but quick for the Rebels, but those plucky little son of a guns hung in there and made it ugly for the Gators. Concerns anew for the Florida offense? Probably not. This was Tebow's first road start, and as the announcers were fond of saying, most of the Florida team had never played away from the Swamp ever, so now that they've got one under their belts...

LSU 28, South Carolina 16

OTS Picked: LSU
Nico Picked: LSU
Todd Picked: LSU

The Bayou Bengals were bound to look mortal at some point, and the OBC was just the right guy to do it. They're still the class of the conference though, and overcoming an underrated South Carolina defense shows that.

Kentucky 42, Arkansas 29

OTS Picked: Arkansas
Nico Picked: Arkansas
Todd Picked: Kentucky

I seem to recall someone thinking my Kentucky pick was "dumb-assed"...


Mississippi State 31, Gardner-Webb 15

OTS Picked: State
Nico Picked: State
Todd Picked: State

No brainer pick here. State has now won three in a row. The end is nigh.

Auburn 55, New Mexico State 20

OTS Picked: Auburn
Nico Picked: Auburn
Todd Picked: Auburn

If the Teagles hadn't rebounded here, they might as well have forfeited the rest of their games. As it was, though, the Aggies put up a good fight for a half, so things aren't totally righted on the Plains.

Tennessee 48, Arkansas State 27

OTS Picked: UT
Nico Picked: UT
Todd Picked: UT

How bad is the Vol defense when they give up 130 yards rushing to Arkansas State? Yikes.

Georgia 26, Alabama 23

OTS Picked: Alabama
Nico Picked: Alabama
Todd Picked: Alabama

I don't think any of us were tremendously comfortable with our admittedly homer picks, but it's still disappointing.


Miami 34, Texas A&M 17

OTS Picked: TAMU
Nico Picked: TAMU
Todd Picked: Miami

I knew that a patented Fran road collapse was imminent for the Aggies.

Michigan 14, Penn State 9

OTS Picked: Penn State
Nico Picked: Penn State
Todd Picked: Penn State

I believe I've already made my feelings well known on this matter.

In a stunning reversal of fortune, Todd takes the lead this week with a 36-8 mark, though OTS is still in it at 35-9 and Nico, at 33-11, is stuck in the rear.

That's what she said.