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Tell Me It's Not Just Me

So I got home last night, and it was just like old times again...the internet wasn't working. I called Charter and they said they were aware of an outage in the area and were working on the problem, and when it still wasn't working this morning I called again and got the same story.

Steven Tyler. A true prophet for our times...

So, if any of our Birmingham area readers who use Charter for their internet service have been having the troubles with their internets, too, please let me know in the comments so I can figure out if they're just jerking me around again, or if there really is a city wide problem. Thanks.

Update [2007-9-25 18:31:23 by Todd]:

Just got home, and the internets? They worka jus fine. Anywho, sorry for the lack of updates today. Not being able to do anything last night, plus a hectic day at work meant nothing new out of me, and the fact that I ran by Best Buy to pick up Knocked Up at lunch means precious little will get done tonight as well, so, you know, in your face.

And keeping with the "hopelessly outdated while also being lame when it was fresh" insults, the McPhee thinks now would be a good time for you to talk to her hand.

Okay, just kidding. There are a few things on tap for you tomorrow, including an updated Bocephus Album Cover Worry Index and a first look at the Florida State Seminoles. In the meantime, courage.