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Your Wednesday AM Links and Such

Even after the first loss, pretty much every Alabama fan I know is still very excited about our prospects for the rest of the season, and it all comes back to their faith in Coach Saban's coaching. The Decatur Daily takes a good look at how this team is performing above expectations so far:

So far, Saban has gotten as much out of those players as possible. And that is the main fact that some are missing week in and week out.

This Alabama team had a losing season last year.

However, that is what makes this Alabama team so appealing. The Tide is doing the unexpected, and a lot of players who are contributing are those who weren't on our radar last year.

I'm pretty sure this is just some Auburn or UT fan trying to be funny, but if it really is an Alabama fun running, you suck, and we hate you.

The Bleacher Bloggers seem a little upset that a couple of classy guys like the Mayor and I didn't oblige them with some post game trash talking.

Your Crimson Daddy has just the thing to curb Wilson's struggles.


Looking ahead to Florida State, Tomahawk Nation, the SBN 'Noles blog, is way ahead of us with a great post about Saturday's game and what it means for Florida State:

Is this a "must win"?

Hmmm, maybe. It's hard to say. It is a "must figure out how the rest of the season will play out" game. Because, say FSU struggles at the QB position again and loses. They have the Duke game to figure out that position and then it's a Thursday night against Wake Forest and a game against a Miami team gaining confidence by the second.

In the end it could be the difference between 6-1 and 4-3 or even 3-4.

So depending on your expectations, this is a must win game for the Seminoles.

A quick quote from Coach Saban during the weekly press conference that I really liked:

I'm very proud of the way the team competed in the game. I'm proud of the way we came back in the second half. This team showed no quit. There was tremendous resiliency in the game relative to the fight that we showed against a good team. So that's a real positive thing. But you like to do it for 60 minutes. You like to be ready to do it in the beginning. Sometimes you put yourself in a position where you fight to overcome. But if you created what you have to overcome, then that's something that you can correct and improve on. And I think a lot of those things we can correct and I think a lot of those things we can improve on so that we do get better execution. But I can't fault the character that the players competed with at all.

That's probably the best summation of where this team is right now that I've heard yet. Yeah, they didn't go out there and execute like they should have, and we lost because of it, but you can't fault their attitude in going out and giving it their all on every play. The execution can be fixed, but the players have the kind of winning attitude that's been sorely lacking the past several years, and it's really refreshing to finally hear that from the coach.

Even though the majority of you thought kicking the PAT was the right call, Hunter Ford would like to respectfully disagree:

I miss those all-or-nothing two point plays. Does anybody remember what Boise State did in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma? I know, that game was an overtime game, but Boise State went for two when it was not compelled to. There is genius in boldness.

Oh well.

Finally, and for no apparent reason, I'm From Barcelona:

You're welcome, Tim.