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McFadden and Woodson

I was browsing today and came across a couple of notes on two of the SEC's best players, Darren McFadden and Andre Woodson.

Darren McFadden, after racking up over 500 rushing yards in his first three games, is currently on pace to run for over 2,000 yards (specifically 2,076). The single season SEC rushing record is 1,891 yards by Herschel Walker in 1981, and at the moment McFadden is on pace to break that. The question is whether or not he can stay healthy. He missed the last two series against Alabama with a mild concussion, and again missed some time against Kentucky with an undisclosed injury. Nonetheless, if he can stay healthy he may very well be re-writing the SEC record book in terms of rushing numbers.

Andre Woodson, on the other hand, has already put his name in the record books. After throwing two interceptions mid-way through the Georgia game a year ago, Woodson has not been intercepted since. At the moment, he has currently thrown 296 straight passes without an interception, shattering David Greene's old mark of 214 passes without an interception. And with Florida Atlantic coming up this week, he's likely to surpass the 300 mark. In his last eight games, Woodson is 172-268 (64.1% completion percentage) for 2,016 yards (7.5 yard per attempt), with 22 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Now that is how you play the quarterback position.