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Whither Notre Dame

Like it or not, you're going to hear about Notre Dame. All day. Every day. Yes, they may very well be the worst BCS conference team in the country, but they're still Notre Dame, which means that they will get as much attention as those legitimately contending for a national championship.

So, since their hapless asses are going to be forcefully and unwillingly stuffed down our throats like cupcakes down the Fat One, I suppose we may as well take delight in their downfall as much as humanly possible. After all, as George Will once said, "Few things are as stimulating as other people's calamities observed from a safe distance."

Well, then, exactly how far will Notre Dame fall?

It's hard to say, honestly. They will be traveling on the road to face Purdue this weekend, who is currently 4-0 after a win over Minnesota. They haven't played anyone really, and likely aren't particularly good. Nonetheless, they are almost a three touchdown favorite over the hapless Irish. The following week, they travel to LA to face the UCLA Bruins. The Connelly-suffering Bruins aren't particularly good -- they lost by 30+ to Utah -- but they did beat Stanford, BYU, and Washington, and should be a pretty big favorite over Notre Dame. After that, Boston College comes to South Bend. The Eagles are the early favorite to win the ACC, and will likely come into that game at 6-0. Again Notre Dame will be a big underdog. The following week, #1 USC heads East, and yeah that could be the biggest massacre in that rivalry in modern history.

So, legitimately, Notre Dame could very well start out the season 0-8.

That said, they'll likely win the final four games over the military academies and some nerds (Navy, Air Force, Duke, and Stanford) and that hot finish to the season will get them in the pre-season top ten for 2008 and some talk as potential national champions.

Business as usual for the Irish.