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And It All Comes Crashing Down

I had WVU ranked #2 in the country, and thought they had a great chance at going undefeated.

Let's just say that I was wee bit wrong.

What I find interesting is the lack of team speed that WVU displayed on offense tonight. Everyone talks about how quick Slaton and White are, but when they face quicker defenses, they look really slow by comparison. Oh sure they look mind-boggling when playing ECU, but against top notch defenses? Pretty slow. The talking heads at ESPN can talk about how great these players are, but neither would start at most top schools -- in particular White -- and they really struggle against good competition. As I said earlier about WVU, it's not that they are that good, but the Big East is so ridiculously weak.

It didn't work out this year, but someday a Big East team is going to crash the BCS party by running the table and going undefeated. Sure, they likely will not have beaten anyone worth a damn, but that'll be enough to crash the party nonetheless. And actually it may happen this year with Rutgers or South Florida. No they won't get in the title game, most likely, even with an undefeated season, but if they go undefeated and pull out a win in a BCS bowl game, will that be enough for a rogue and vengeful AP Poll to vote them as national champions and thereby split the title? Probably.

As for the Mountaineers' meltdown tonight, I blame it on these two rubes: