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SEC Week One Roundup

Well, the SEC has completed their week one matchups, and now it's time to see how we did on our picks.

LSU 45, Mississippi State 0:

OTS Picked: LSU
Nico Picked: LSU
Todd Picked: LSU

OTS has already done a breakdown of this game, so go here for his thoughts. The only real surprises during this game were how flat and sluggish the LSU offense seemed and how terrible State's offense is. After being reasonably tough last season, I thought State's O would be improved enough that they could eek out six wins to get to a bowl this year, but unless the newly re-instated Josh Ridell doesn't come on quickly in place of Henig (what the hell happened, man?) next week this season is going to spiral out of control, and quickly.

Florida 49, Western Kentucky 3:

OTS Picked: Florida
Nico Picked: Florida
Todd Picked: Florida

Another no brainer pick on our part, but the general consensus around the blogosphere is that Florida looked flat against a 1-AA cupcake. Their team speed blew away the Hilltoppers on offense, but WKU moved the ball pretty well on them, so we'll have to see how they look against an upgrade in opponents next week against Troy.

Ole Miss 23, Memphis 21:

OTS Picked: Ole Miss
Nico Picked: Ole Miss
Todd Picked: Memphis

The first of my out on a limb picks didn't look so bad after the Tigers rallied in the fourth to pull within a FG, but after an entire game of boneheaded turnovers, a blocked FG, and having a punt blocked and returned for a TD, Memphis should be thankful Ole Miss didn't run up more of a score than that. Actually, two of the Rebels TDs were courtesy of the D and special teams, so there really wasn't much chance for the their offense to run up a score.

Kentucky 50, Eastern Kentucky 10:

OTS Picked: Kentucky
Nico Picked: Kentucky
Todd Picked: Kentucky

As expected, the Wildcat offense had a banner day against a 1-AA opener. They'll get tougher tests from Kent State (how weird is that to say?) next weekend, and get a shot at bitter rival Louisville's equally explosive offense in two weeks.

Georgia 35, Oklahoma State 14:

OTS Picked: UGA
Nico Picked: UGA
Todd Picked: UGA

Bad news, Bama fans. The inexperienced o-line and week front seven we thought might play to our advantage when UGA comes to Tuscaloosa in a few weeks never materialized as the Dawgs held OSU scoreless in the second half and put on an offensive clinic with quick developing plays to keep the Cowboy defense from taking advantage of the o-line's youth. This really looks like the team to beat in the East.

Alabama 52, Western Carolina 6:

OTS Picked: Alabama
Nico Picked: Alabama
Todd Picked: Alabama

Did you really see us picking anyone else? Predictable rout of a 1-AA cupcake, but worrisome inconsistency from the front seven makes next week's match against Vandy a bigger test than it appears.

Arkansas 46, Troy 26:

OTS Picked: Arkansas
Nico Picked: Arkansas
Todd Picked: Troy

The second of my out on a limb upset picks also looked pretty good for the first half, when Arkansas retreated to the locker room with a slim 23-17 lead, but the backfield of McFadden and Jones, as expected, was the difference. The Hogs get a week off before coming to Tuscaloosa.

Vanderbilt 41, Richmond 17:

OTS Picked: Vandy
Nico Picked: Vandy
Todd Picked: Vandy

Bad for us: Bennett had three TD catches and 223 yards on the day. Good for us: The D gave up 310 yards to a 1-AA cupcake. They might give us fits defensively on Saturday, but we should have no trouble scoring.

South Carolina 28, La.-Lafayette 14:

OTS Picked: South Carolina
Nico Picked: South Carolina
Todd Picked: South Carolina

What should have been an improved D for the Cocks got manhandled Saturday by the Ragin' Cajuns, and I'm sure SC fans will be happy to see Blake Mitchell back under center next week at UGA.

Auburn 23, Kansas State 13:

OTS Picked: Auburn
Nico Picked: Auburn
Todd Picked: Auburn

I was convinced this would be a blow out for the Teagles, but their o-line sucked, the offense didn't get moving until the fourth quarter, there was NO ground game, and K State handed that game to them with idiot penalties and mental errors. Next week is going to be tough for Auburn when USF comes to the Plains.

Tennesse 31, Cal 45:

OTS Picked: Cal
Nico Picked: Cal
Todd Picked: Cal

Man, Cal ran all over UT on Saturday, so you know Southern Miss and Florida are both licking their chops after seeing that. The Vol offense didn't look too bad, though, gaining 111 on the ground and 271 through the air, so they do have some firepower to bail them out if they could just get a few stops here and there.

So that puts the count at:

OTS: 11-0
Nico: 11-0
Todd: 9-2

Looks like next weekend I'll have to quit picking for the upset if I plan to catch up.