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Zach Schreiber Transfers

Sophomore Alabama linebacker Zach Schreiber has decided to transfer, according to various reports. Coach Nick Saban said that he was a good kid who wanted to go closer to home, and thus his release was granted.

Schreiber is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana, and is a product of Evangel Christian High School. There, he had some impressive stats at the Shreveport football powerhouse, but was somewhat lightly recruited. LSU, Oklahoma, and Texas -- i.e. the schools that really do well in the Shreveport area -- all passed on Schreiber. In the end, he was a three-star prospect who chose Alabama over the likes of Ole Miss and Oklahoma State.

There is no official indication of where he will go, but all that I can find says he will be going to Louisiana Tech (Ruston, LA, specifically, which is close to Shreveport). Nothing official yet, though.

Before transferring, he was the back-up linebacker to Zeke Knight. That said, the truth is that he was probably a long way behind Knight, and he really didn't play any meaningful snaps Saturday night as far as I could tell. Truth be told, at under 220 pounds, he's really not big enough to fit into a 3-4 scheme. He fit quite well in the Kines' scheme where we were looking for relatively small linebackers with speed, but in the 3-4, where linebackers frequently have to take on offensive linemen, he was just a freshwater fish in the ocean, so to speak.

His transfer will free up one scholarship, and that will almost certainly be used in this recruiting class. And as well as things are going on the recruiting trail, we'll probably use that scholarship and end up with a better player.

In the short term, the effect is likely negligible in regard to Alabama. Truth be told, we were likely in major trouble if we had to call on Schreiber to handle a big load with the defense, and that will still be the case with him gone. It may mean that Jennings Hester does not redshirt, but that's about it.

At the end of the day, Schreiber's transfer is probably a good thing for all parties involved.

Either way, best of luck to Mr. Schreiber in all of his future endeavors.