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Recruiting Ranking Update

Rivals, Inc. has updated their recruiting rankings, and the Crimson Tide has taken a jump.

More specifically, we've moved to sixth overall, and number one in the SEC.

Considering that we have so many top recruits that we have a great chance at inking come National Signing Day (Julio Jones, Barrett Jones, Antoine McClain, and others), if that goes as well as expected, we should end up with at least a top five class, and we'll also likely have the number one overall class in the SEC.

Also, another interesting note, we have 1,725 points as of today, a full six months before National Signing Day. Last year, on the other hand, we only ended up with 1,789 points, and that was with a late surge with Saban arriving. There's no real explanation needed there.

Let's look at the final recruiting rankings for Alabama in terms of conference rank, according to Rivals:

Obviously, things have taken a drastic turn for the better at the Capstone.