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Arenas Considered Leaving the Team?

From ESPN:

"I was just thinking negative as far as my playing defense," said the 5-foot-9, 193-pound reserve free safety from Tampa and a cousin of NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas. "I just can't really explain it. I wasn't being treated unfairly. It was just me. I had to make a decision in my life. I had to question whether I wanted to play or not. ... Basically, I didn't know if I wanted to proceed."

Arenas said his dissatisfaction had nothing to do with his teammates, whom he didn't want to let down. Arenas met with Saban, who said that he would respect whatever decision Arenas made.

"I know he's been around it for many, many years," Arenas said. "He's seen a lot of situations like that. He told me I would regret it. ... [What Saban said] wasn't even about playing football. It was about academics and a great opportunity in my life. I couldn't let that go."

We're certainly glad he decided to stick it out. Thanks to reader CaptStu for the tip.