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Thursday Night Football

Well, another Thursday, another night of football. A few notes:

  • The Louisville v. MTSU game is most likely the worst defensive display I've ever seen. They've already combined for 100 points, and it still has over eleven minutes to play.
  • West Virginia must be licking their chops right about now. I mean Louisville is, without doubt, the most difficult team they face all year. And this bunch gives up 42+ to a Sun Belt Conference team?
  • Ah, Willie Williams resurfaces. Was there ever anything better than his recruiting diary of his official visit to Auburn? Sadly, that was pretty much the best thing that happened to us that recruiting season.
  • If MTSU can put up 42 or more, Kentucky should have a field day. Seriously, a win is very possible for the Wildcats, no doubt.
  • Willie Williams pops up again... late hit, automatic first down, when MTSU came up 15 yards short of a first down.
  • Cincinnati is up 34-3 against Oregon State, and the Beavers' struggles continue. Considering that is supposed to be one of USC's "tough" games, that's a major reason as to why I have USC so high.
  • It seems like Mike Riley could very well be on the hot seat, and potentially on the way out. Truth be told, it's hard to imagine him doing any better here than Mike Shula. .
  • Let's get this straight: no more head coaches named Mike, okay? Every one we've ever looked at, much less has been affiliated with us, has been terrible. Think about it. Mike Dubose. Mike Price. Mike Shula. Mike Riley. Mike Stoops. Fact is, it seems, there's only one coach named Mike that's worth his weight, and that's Ditka. So unless you're getting Da Coach, steer clear.
  • The LSU athletics department has sent out a letter to LSU fans -- signed by Les Miles and team captains (Matt Flynn, Glenn Dorsey, and Craig Steltz) -- and that letter closes with the following quote: "The competition on the field will be healthy and fierce, and your Tigers will represent LSU with pride when the ball is kicked off. But in pre-game festivities, let us all be mindful of the difficult road our visitors have traveled since April 16."
  • BS Translation: "Look, we're going to be classy about the situation, so please don't you fans screw it up by trying to throw beer bottles at the bus, break out windows, and try to tip it over (see Tennessee 2005), please don't try to set the bus on fire (see Auburn 2001), please don't streak naked on the playing field for ten minutes (see Oregon State 2004), please don't run onto the field and moon the opposing team's quarterback (see Alabama 2000), and please don't throw beer bottles onto the field to the point that we have to stop the game, give Coach Miles a microphone and chastise the entire stadium to sit down, shut up and cut out the soccer riot crap (see 2002 Sugar Bowl)." Without doubt, it's a classy act by Miles and co., but it's a sad state of affairs with the LSU fan base that something to this effect is even legitimately needed.
  • Blake Mitchell is going to be the South Carolina quarterback this Saturday, it was officially announced today. Truth be told, though, Mitchell probably isn't one of the better quarterbacks in the conference, and while the Gamecocks will be improved with him, I doubt they win if Georgia looks like they did last week against Oklahoma State. I did find it a bit odd, however, that Spurrier came out saying that he may have overestimated his team, I find that very odd. Spurrier doesn't give up like that, something tells me he's just trying to light a fire.
  • According to a report this evening by ABC 33/40 out of Birmingham, Auburn tailback Brad Lester -- currently on suspension for some very strange academic reasons -- has decided to transfer to Georgia Southern. For the record, Lester is from Lilburn, Georgia. Nothing official to date, as far as I can tell, but one report is out there. If true, it's a pretty big blow to Auburn, especially considering how poor their running game looked last Saturday night.
  • Earlier today, the NCAA declared Ole Miss defensive tackle Jerrell Powe academically ineligible. I've lost count, but I think this is somewhere around the 38th time. Ed Orgeron, that Cajun born epitome of academic integrity, was quoted as saying on his radio call-in show after hearing of the news, "Eventually Jerrell is going to reach his goal of playing for Ole Miss, and look out when he does." Whatever. I'll say this, if Power is ever allowed to play given what he has currently "accomplished," then every thing ever said by critics to the effect that major college football is nothing but a sham designed to reap money, fame, and recognition at the sacrifice of academic integrity will be simply, yet undeniably, true.