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Todd's Friday Embarassing Admission...

...or, Todd Attempts to Curry Favor With the Football Gods by Admitting his Moral, Cultural, and Intellectual Flaws in a Very Public Manner.

Since my embarassing post last week designed to keep both my interent working and to ensure that the PPV game would come in worked so well, I've decided that, each Friday, I'll own up to something about me that I'm not proud of in exchange for a win for Alabama. Since I'm not too terribly worried about Vandy, here's something I'm not proud of, but that I also know a lot of you can sympathize with. I am totally hot for Paris Hilton.

She's not even all that attractive, but when you look at her, she just looks like, well, sex.

Now, that's not too embarassing since I'm sure plenty of our male readers are kind of in the same boat as I am. My brain says "filthy skank sausage wallet that you shouldn't get within ten feet of with someone else's junk," while something deeper inside says "I'd so hit it." So, yeah, I'm hot for Paris Hilton, and it makes me feel dirty...dirty like the things I'd never dare ask a real woman for but am certain Paris would do in a heartbeat. On camera.

Anyway, the rest of the day is going to be pretty hectic for me, so here are a few Friday links for your goofing off at work enjoyment. If I don't get a chance to update again, enjoy your weekend, and I'll see you all back here tomorrow for the "BlogGate."

Our friends at the Vanderbilt Sportsline have their take on tomorrow's game, and be sure to check in with them later on today for a post I wrote letting Vandy fans know what to expect from our own beloved Tide.

Meanwhile, Eight in the Box has been roaming the Vandy message boards, and has come to the conclusion we have no chance tomorrow:

Here are a few things I picked up that assured me that defeat is imminent. According to Vanderbilt fans, we will have to triple team Earl Bennett, and unfortunately for us he will still be open on every single play. Even if by chance we do get Bennett covered with 3 guys the Dores will simply run right up the middle on our poor defense. If we blitz they will stop it. If we play zone they will pick it to pieces. When we play offense... well we don't get to play offense.

It seems that this game has been written in bold, circled with blood, and highlighted with a gold highlighter. This is Vandy's game. It is the game that will propel them to the top half of the league. Vanderbilt has been building for this game for a long time, and by the nose hair of Zeus they're going to kick our ass. They're going to kick Nick Saban's ass because nobody likes Nick Saban, and he is an average coach. Average. Vanderbilt is going to do the rest of the conference a favor and kick Nick Saban's gold plated, diamond encrusted, shiny ass. Guaranteed.

Be sure to check back later on today for this week's edition of the Crimson and White Roundtable.

The Huntsville Times talks about the vanilla schemes we ran on offense last weekend, and thinks that's a good sign for the future:

But in this new-found era of hope and potential resulting from the hiring of coach Nick Saban, putting some punch behind the potential is a sort of new discovery, too.

The fact that Alabama's offense did what it did without reaching page two of its playbook is another fountain of optimism.

"The way we were running the ball, we didn't have to do too much," Wilson said. "We got up early and we're just going to keep pounding it as long as we can."

Western Carolina or not, anyone remember the last time that happened at Alabama?

And finally, in the wake of the Michigan-App State debacle, the AP poll has decided to allow it's voters to include lower divion teams in their ballots:

The AP decided to make the change because schools that show they can compete with big-time teams on the field should have a chance to be recognized with them in the Top 25, sports editor Terry Taylor said.

"Why not? The poll was always intended to measure teams that compete against each other, regardless of division, based solely on on-field performance," she said. "It was that way long before Division I was divided into I-A and I-AA in 1978."