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We're now about twelve hours from kick-off against Vanderbilt, so the time is coming near.

For better or for worse, we're going to figure out a lot about our football team. We looked good against Western Carolina, but you just can't tell anything from that game. You don't want to speak ill of the Catamounts -- they played hard, with class, and let's just be honest, they don't like having to get their butts kicked just to make some money to keep their athletics programs alive -- but the harsh truth is that they were not good, and even a poor team could have blown them out of water. Again, sure we looked good, but all of that doesn't really mean we're a good team.

Vanderbilt is a much different team, however. No, the Commodores won't be playing in New Orleans come New Year's Day, but this isn't a bad football team. They return a lot of starters from a team that was pretty good a year ago, and Bobby Johnson is a quality football coach. Bottom line, this isn't the same Vanderbilt bunch from the Woody Widenhofer days, this is a solid football team. They knocked off Georgia last year, and almost beat Alabama, Florida, and Arkansas. They will probably do something similar this year, and we may very well fall to them.

The truth of the matter is that unless we play good football, there's a very good chance that we lose. If we have the red zone miscues and turnovers that we had a year ago in this game, we are in major trouble. This team should be improved over a year ago, and they'll likely to advantage of our mistakes much better.

To a large degree, we'll see what we're made of tomorrow.

Either way, keep checking on RBR tomorrow during the game. I'll have my PC with me, and I'm going to be doing some blogging during the game. Not exactly sure how yet, but it'll be a lot of stuff not only for the 'Bama v. Vandy game and other games throughout the day. Should be lots of fun, stay tuned.