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Alabama at Vandy BlogGate

Alabama Crimson Tide   Vanderbilt Commodores
1-0 (0-0)   1-0 (0-0)

Last week I talked about the things I was interested in seeing in the opener, and this week I have five questions for each unit:

On Offense:

* How much deeper in the playbook are we going to get?
* Will Johns play a more significant (diverse) role in the offense today?
* Will that play action rollout to the TE tear up Vandy's D like it did WCU?
* Will the other backs (Coffee and Upchurch) get any real playing time, or will they only be seen at the end of the game if this turns into a comfortable rout?
* How many receivers will we see in the rotation, and will Brown be back as starter?

On Defense:

* The line: Will we be in the backfield more?
* Will the LBs be able to contain the outside rush?
* Is Earl Bennett a fluke, i.e, will we be able to shut him down like last year when our pass D wasn't as good as it should be this year?
* How often will we bring the safeties up to blitz/play the run, leaving the corners with no help over the top?
* Will we be able to defend the quick slant this week?

Special bonus question for the Special Teams:

* How many kicks is Tiffin going to miss?

Let us know what you're looking for in the comments, and leave us your thoughts on the game before, during, and after.

Update [2007-9-8 10:52:50 by Todd]:

Almost forgot, I'm going to be on 1570 The Zone (Louisville's home for sports talk!) before kickoff talking about the game, so click the link and get the live feed. Right now, they have a very strange death metal motif going, so, yeah, not really sure what I've gotten myself into.

Big fans of golf, I guess...