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The Cowbells Ain't Ringing Anymore: Extended Version

My brother came up with the extended version of "The Cowbells Ain't Ringing Anymore."

Here goes the final verse of the song:

And I know this is soooo going to come back to bite me in the ass via a 'Bama loss to Vanderbilt tomorrow, so to ward that off, one confession...

I find Perez Hilton -- i.e. the gay, green-haired (at the moment) celebrity blogger -- quite funny and insightful with his celebrity bashing and ever so clever doodlings, even if they are done in MS Paint. Yeah, that's right, this guy, he's funny:

And I'm a guy who enjoys perusing The Economist! So he's funny.

There, I've paid my penance. I don't expect to make the Washington Post (Todd, that could very well constitute your fifteen minutes of fame), but we damn well better win.

I've already pledged one testicle in an effort to get Saban as the head coach (yeah, his salary consists of four million bucks and my left testicle, basically), and now I've admitted my enjoyment of Perez Hilton, so this better -- at the very least -- yield a win over Vanderbilt.