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Okay guys, things are looking good so far. I almost had a heart attack after the opening play, but things have gotten off to a very good start.

A few notes to start out:

  • Arenas is the real deal, I doubt they punt it to him the rest of the day.
  • The defense is looking good, particularly the front six / seven.
  • The offense is looking pretty good, but still a bit suspect.
  • Okay, blown block by Marlon Davis at right guard. He just moved in to help out Caldwell with the nose tackle, and a linebacker came through untouched in the B gap. Wilson goes down.
  • Now a flag, we're punting from deep. Vanderbilt has a great shot to take advantage here.
  • Great coverage by Marquis Johnson!


  • The Vandy offense is driving nicely. I have no idea why, but the middle of the field has been wide open. I thought the first time it happened it was Roland McClain not getting enough depth on the zone coverage, but I think he may have been a spy on Nickson.
  • Big stop there on third down. Nickson had his man open right where he wanted him on the curl route on third and three, but overthrew him.
  • Field goal is good, 10-3 Alabama lead.
  • Third down and long, again. Vandy is looking good, and they have the momentum. We need a big third down conversion.
  • AHHHH! Hall was wide open and Wilson missed him. It was a drop by Hall, but a terrible throw by Wilson. That's two missed touchdown passes to Hall so far. Wilson is looking plain bad, no two ways about it.
  • Touchdown Vanderbilt on the punt return. Terrible coverage. Penalty though, it's coming back. Thank God. We better get it together, Vandy is looking good at the moment.
  • Picked! Nickson threw it up Henig-style, and Rashad Johnson did his best Craig Steltz impression playing center field.
  • All right offense, let's get it together. Note to Wilson: throw it to the wide open guy, not just in the general vicinity. Two easy touchdown passes missed in one quarter is completely unacceptable, even at the high school level, much less in SEC play.
  • Nice check down to Grant, first down.
  • Interception. Terrible throw by Wilson, he wasn't open at all, and if you are going to throw that, you have to throw it too far, if anything.
  • So, thus far, 2 missed TD passes and an INT by Wilson. If he doesn't get it together soon, we may see McElroy. This should be a 21-3 game with even replacement level QB play.
  • Big play by Greenwood and company on the sack. The defense is looking damn good for the most part. They and the special teams are carrying us over Wilson's incompetence.
  • Big gain on a deep in route by Bennett, about a yard shy of the first down. He beat Kareem Jackson on that one. Vandy is going for it.
  • It's technically fourth and two, a short two. Vandy calls timeout.
  • Nickson missed a wide open receiver. That was a first down, and he missed it. It was a pick play, and no one was there. A good completion and he gets very good yardage. The QB's on both squads look bad, plain and simple.
  • There's Brown... first play back from suspension, dropped pass. Not the way to get on the staff's good side.
  • Again! Right to a Vandy defender, and he dropped it, thankfully. That was a terrible throw. This is looking awful.
  • Huge reception by Hall for a first down. That was close, could have been picked.
  • Glen Coffee, nice run. I'll be honest, as poor as Wilson is looking, I hope we run it more.

Injury Update

  • Mike Johnson is hurt. Wilson and company fell on the back of his leg, and that's very, very scary. That's the kind of stuff that easily ends in a broken leg. Hopefully he's okay.
  • Okay boys, let's just run the ball. It's working so much better than the pass.
  • Re-shuffled the OL, Cardwell is at center, and Caldwell has moved to right tackle.
  • Blown block by Caldwell at right.
  • Wilson throws up another crapper, Vandy guy caught it, but fortunately he was out of bounds. This looks terrible by Wilson.
  • Nearly blocked field goal, but Tiffin hits it. Whew!

Okay guys, I need a break.