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Around the CFB World: Part One

Well, 'Bama won, so all is well in the world, but here are some thoughts around the rest of the college football world:

  • West Virginia got a scare today, but they steamrolled in the second half. I think, for the most part, it shows that this team is not particularly great. But the schedule...
  • Boston College is annihilating NC State. Boy, don't you know that has to feel good for the Boston College players and fans?
  • UAB is beating Florida State 10-3, and the Blazers are playing tough. Through one quarter, FSU has only 35 yards of offense off of 16 plays, and Weatherford is 3-9 for 22 yards and 1 interception. The time remaining for Bobby is very limited if this continues.
  • Oklahoma is the real deal, bar none. Bradford looked great, and they annihilated a pretty good Miami team today. They'll easily breeze into the Texas game undefeated, and a win there could very well be enough to put them in the national championship game. They've impressed me the most of any team I've seen thus far. Who else rolled up 79 against the Sisters of the Poor, and then followed that with a 35+ point win over the caliber of a team like Michigan? No one except the Sooners.
  • Michigan is getting annihilated, it's 32-7 Oregon, and the Ducks just picked off a pass. Henne is out, Hart is hurt, and they are terrible. Mallet looks promising, but they are done. It's 0-2 and going onto Notre Dame, and keep in mind this Oregon team probably isn't that good. Carr may as well start boxing things up once he gets back to the office.
  • Cal got a scare, narrowly holding off Colorado State 34-28 after taking the Volunteers to the woodshed a year ago. It wasn't really that close -- Cal led 31-14 in the fourth -- but the Rams charged hard before coming up just short.
  • Nebraska barely squeaked by a Wake Forest team that had a back-up quarterback. USC should take this bunch to the woodshed next Saturday. How in the world did Callahan just get a big extension? I'll never understand their fascination with a guy whose resume is basically nothing more than one good year with the Raiders over half of a decade ago.
  • South Carolina and Georgia just kicked off, Penn State and Notre Dame are up shortly.
  • UAB up 10-3, and they have the ball first and ten at the FSU 29. This could get interesting.
  • Boise State looks like they are going down against Washington. Cindarella didn't strike twice, as I recall.
  • Notre Dame and Penn State are playing, white out for Penn State in Happy Valley. If you tune it to ESPN, you can see the third Clausen sister playing. My God I hope that's the last daughter those two parents produced. Each one has been even gayer than the last.
  • You know, Georgia has some dang nice unis. That bright red shows up quite well in the sunlight.
  • Upset Alert: UAB 17, FSU 10. To this point, total yardage: UAB 148, FSU 52. The Seminoles aren't even averaging 3 yards per play.