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Around the CFB World: Part Two

Update number one:

  • Oregon 39, Michigan 7. The Ducks may well get 50.
  • Fresno State making a game of it with Texas A&M. The Aggies were up 19-0, but Pat Hill's bunch has closed it to 22-14 with three minutes left in the third quarter.
  • South Carolina driving against Georgia.
  • Touchdown Gamecocks. Wow, 7-0 USC. They look good.
  • And people can piss and moan all they want, but SC's new unis look pretty good I think.
  • Notre Dame leads Penn State 7-0. Morelli was intercepted and it was returned 70+ yards for a touchdown.
  • Whoa, Stafford lots of pocket poise on that one. He ended up throwing a strike on a rope over the middle. I'll give this kid credit, he's got a lot of talent. I'm still not convinced he's all there upstairs yet, but he's looking good so far.
  • FSU goes for it on fourth and one at the UAB seven. Stuffed. Turnover one downs.
  • Georgia just ran the worst wide receiver pass off of a screen that I've ever seen. The receiver literally back-peddled about 15 yards before flinging it carelessly. Fortunately for the Dawg faithful, it fell harmlessly to the ground.
  • Florida and Troy tied at seven in the first.
  • Ole Miss and Missouri still scoreless late into the first quarter, which makes this game much closer than last year's contest.
  • Kentucky and Kent State also tied at seven, very early in the first quarter.
  • Penn State's offense looks absolutely terrible, no two ways about it. The Notre Dame defense isn't that good, as last week proved, but nevertheless the Nittany Lions can't get anything going.
  • And now there's a fight in the PSU v. ND game after a punt. Flags everywhere. Something happened back up near the punter himself, and the personal foul goes against Notre Dame. Hmm. Wow, no kidding. Two Notre Dame thugs had a Penn State guy on the ground hitting him. Class acts, eh?
  • FSU has finally put it in the end zone. They trail UAB 17-10 now, but appear to be taking control of the game.
  • Upset alert: Fresno State has tied up Texas A&M, 22-22. The Aggies are punting.
  • It's nice to see Fran has his usual high-powered passing attack: 12-22 for 77 yards, 1 sack, and 1 TD.
  • D-Williams is gone for Penn State! Tied it up. 7-7. Happy Valley is going nuts.