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SEC Packets: Week Two Results

After giving our picks for the SEC and a few choice national games last week, it's time to see how we did:

Alabama 24, Vanderbilt 10

OTS Picked: Alabama
Nico Picked: Alabama
Todd Picked: Alabama

No big surprise here, we all went with our team, and were rewarded for some embarassing admissions.

South Carolina 16, Georgia 12

OTS Picked: Georgia
Nico Picked: Georgia
Todd Picked: Georgia

Three picks for Georgia, and not a one of them right. The Dawgs looked downright helpless against the 'Cocks Saturday, with the dropsies returning to a wide receiver corp that everyone thought was cured. Both defenses looked sharp, though, and this one really could have gone either way.

Ole Miss 25, Missouri 38

OTS Picked: Mizzou
Nico Picked: Mizzou
Todd Picked: Mizzou

I said that if anyone could screw this up it would be Gary Pinkel, and they let Ole Miss back in the game during the second half after taking a 28-7 lead into the break. The Rebels scored 18 in the second half and shut out the Tigers in the fourth quarter, but once again came up short.

Florida 59, Troy 31

OTS Picked: Florida
Nico Picked: Florida
Todd Picked: Florida

I didn't get to see this one, but judging from the recap the Gators had a tough time in the second half, giving up 24 points, losing two fumbles, and stalling on several possessions. To add insult to injury (or vice versa, really), Andre Caldwell and Brandon James were both injured and are iffy for next week's match against UT.

Kentucky 56, Kent State 20

OTS Picked: UK
Nico Picked: UK
Todd Picked: UK

As expected, the Wildcat offense was too much to handle for Kent State. The Golden Flashes made a game of it in the first half, heading to the locker room with a 14-14 tie to build on, but UK came back and scored three TDs in each of the last two quarters while holding Kent State to 6 points in the third.

Mississippi State 38, Tulane 17

OTS Picked: State
Nico Picked: State
Todd Picked: State

Amusingly, Henig still managed to throw a pick against a terrible Tulane team. Croom did get his "must win," though, so he lives to fight another day.

Tennessee 39, Southern Miss 19

OTS Picked: UT
Nico Picked: UT
Todd Picked: UT

Those plucky Golden Eagles of Southern Miss put up a good fight, but the Vols made some half time adjustments and held them to only a field goal in the second half.

Auburn 23, USF 26

OTS Picked: USF
Nico Picked: Auburn
Todd Picked: Auburn

Even in OT, I just knew that damned Auburn luck was going to pull this one out for the Teagles, but the well has apparently run dry. USF tried time and again to give this game away, but Auburn just wouldn't take it.

LSU 48, Virginia Tech 7

OTS Picked: LSU
Nico Picked: LSU
Todd Picked: LSU

The only real shock to this was how terrible Va Tech looked all night. Their D should have held up better than that. Maybe LSU really is that good?

Special Bonus Picks

Oklahoma 51, Miami 13

OTS Picked: OU
Nico Picked: OU
Todd Picked: OU

Michigan 7, Oregon 39

OTS Picked: Michigan
Nico Picked: Michigan
Todd Picked: Oregon

UCLA 27, BYU 17

OTS Picked: UCLA
Nico Picked: UCLA
Todd Picked: UCLA

Texas 34, TCU 13

OTS Picked: Texas
Nico Picked: Texas
Todd Picked: Texas

So that put the count at:

OTS: 22-2
Nico: 21-3
Todd: 20-4