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The votes are in...

...and, not surprisingly, Wallace Gilberry is your 2007 Defensive MVP.

That, my friends, is what you would call a "landslide."

Full disclosure: I actually voted for Darren Mustin. While Gilberry was certainly the defensive line this season and deservedly earned 1st Team All SEC honors, I gave the nod to Mustin. He was the guy that made sure everyone was lined up right and seemed to really understand the defense better than anyone else, and his absence was sorely felt against Georgia when the defense seemed routinely out of position for most of the game. That being said, though, Gilberry definitely deserves the nod. He's been a good player and, more importanly, a positive influence on the team his entire time at Alabama, and his attitude and work ethic will really be missed next season.

I am going to miss that.